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ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION (ADR) is a term describing a variety of methods used to resolve conflicts between individuals, businesses and governmental agencies outside the structure of the judicial system. The two most common methods are mediation and arbitration. These methods are designed to resolve disputes at a lower cost and generally much faster than the formal court system.

MEDIATION uses a neutral third party to assist parties in reaching a satisfactory resolution of their differences on term acceptable to the parties. It is not binding, and the mediator does not have the authority to impose a settlement on the parties.

ARBITRATION also utilizes a neutral third party. However, arbitrators make a final and binding decision. It is a substitute for a trial by a judge or jury.

ADR and YOU...

ADR has become an effective alternative to prolonged, costly litigation through the intervention of an experienced, neutral third party.

ADR offers the opportunity to resolve conflicts that may arise in any transaction or contractual matter and cannot be readily resolved by the parties. Mediation is particularly useful where the parties to a have an interest in maintaining a good business and professional relationship. Surveys by the American Arbitration Association indicate that 90% of the people in the United States would prefer to settle disputes without going to court.

"As jury trials become more protracted and expensive, and awards continue to be reduced or retried on appeal, ADR has become the 'win-win' solution to all parties involved in a dispute."

Joe H. Henderson

Joe H. Henderson has worked for over 40 years as a specialist in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution. He has adjudicated and written over 2,000 awards as an arbitrator and actively participated as a mediator in a significant number of cases. His diverse experience includes a multiplicity of issues in a wide variety of interests. These issues include: court referred cases, personal injury, professional malpractice, contract interpretations, real estate and insurance disputes, contractor/architect/owner disputes, discharge, discipline and sexual harassment.

In addition to being a specialist in ADR, Joe has lectured at numerous training programs and seminars on ADR, grievance handling, mediation and arbitration, He served as the Dean of Empire School of Law in Santa Rosa where he taught ADR for over 7 years.

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