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Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • COST EFFECTIVE - ADR reduces legal costs and utilizes less staff time.

  • FAIR - The mediator is a neutral third party who views the dispute objectively and actively assists the parties in exploring alternatives they may have not otherwise considered.

  • FAST - ADR meetings can be scheduled early in the dispute and at times acceptable to the parties thereby increasing the liklihood of a prompt settlement. It avoids the delays and frequent non-productive court appearances associated with our over-burdened court systems. Adr can be used to settle matters prior to a law suit being initiated.

  • INFORMAL - The nature of the ADR proceedings allows the parties to freely express their views.

  • CONTROL - The parties never relinquish control of their interests during the proceedings as may occur when subjected to the vagaries of the legal system.

  • CONFIDENTIAL - The privacy of all parties is protected and the agreement is confidential if the parties choose.

  • MAINTAINS RELATIONSHIPS - ADR engages the parties directly in negotiating the settlement, enhancing the possibility of continuing a productive business relationship.

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